Information About The Centre

Budynek CDiSM
In the centre there are six simulation rooms (operating room, intensive care room, two emergency rooms (four stands), pediatric room, labor room and an area suitable for the simulation of pre-hospital events with an ambulance simulator.

All rooms are equipped with an audio-video system that allows recording of simulation sessions. The computer system combines these recordings with readings of physiological parameters of the simulator and recorded activities performed by students. Complete recordings of the session, that give an exact picture of the simulation, are then played and discussed during the debriefing. The center has three debriefing rooms, if necessary, the analysis of activities can also be carried out directly in the simulation room, or in other areas.

In addition, the simulation center has rooms equipped with infrastructure allowing to use ICT.

The center also provides an e-learning platform and offers support for creating e-learning materials, also has a video conferencing system that allows a live transmission from operating and treatment rooms and two cameras (including one 3D), which enable recordings of films for use during classes.

The entire building is equipped with wireless access to the internet. Thanks to a large number of computers, users of the center’s infrastructure have convenient access to digital resources of SUM (electronic journals from full-text databases, a wide selection of magazines offered without limits, literature databases, bibliographic databases, e-books, atlases and finally, the resources catalog of the SUM library).

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