Reading Room

In the Education and Medical Simulation Centre there is a multimedia reading room enabling access to the internet and to digital resources of SUM (40 stations). Within the Reading room there are:

• individual work room, equipped with computers with Internet access and a possibility of scanning. This room can also be used to conduct classes in small groups (8 workstations), with a possibility of using a multimedia projector,
• software room, equipped with four computer stands, where application software is installed, designed for students and SUM staff,
• team work room, that allows students and educational staff to engage in team work in the form of “brainstorming” discussion. It also allows to have presentations, in a small group, of interesting results using all teaching materials, literature and databases available electronically at the University. This room can also be used to teach classes for small groups (10 workstations), with the possibility of using a multimedia projector and an LCD TV.


Multimedia Reading Room staff offer assistance in:

• using of databases, electronic journals, electronic catalogue of the SUM Library, A-Z lists (containing electronic resources) and databases created by the SUM Main Library (including bibliographies, publications of SUM staff),
• verification of bibliographic data,
• preparation of thematic bibliographic summaries based on: its database, an electronic catalogue of the SUM Library, electronic journals and abstracts and Internet resources.

Multimedia Reading Room staff also provide information about the resources and services of the SUM Library.

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