Sum Wars 2018

A team of students of the Faculty of Medicine with the Medical-Dentistry Division in Zabrze of the Medical University of Silesia composed of: Adrianna Jagosz (sixth year of medical faculty), Oliver Piotr Firszt (6th year of medical faculty), Marek Tułacz (5th year of medical faculty), Maksymilian Ogiela (5th year medical faculty) and Tomasz Brachmanski (third year of emergency medicine) won in the 6th edition of Medical Simulation Competition SUM WARS 2018, which took place on April 11 in the Education and Medical Simulation Centre of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.

The Second place went to students of the 6th year of the medical faculty of School of Medicine in Katowice: Magda Szwarczewska, Karolina Woźnica, Wojciech Barański and Jakub Bielak.

The team from the 5th year of the medical faculty of The School of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry in Zabrze ranked third: Dominika Bursa, Julia Latos, Julia Szkaradek, Ewelina Jantos and Jacek Jankowski.

The fourth place belongs to the team from the 4th year of the medical faculty of the School of Medicine in Katowice, consisting of: Weronika Sokół, Monika Słaba, Paweł Papka and Jakub Rodzoś.

Each team had three tasks to perform. The first scenario involved a 30-minute duty in a hospital’s Emergency Department, during which the students had to help a patient after a headache injury being under the influence of alcohol, a woman with abdominal pain who develops an allergic reaction during the administration of the drug, a patient with chest pain and shortness of breath and the fourth one – with pulmonary edema.

In the next task, the competitors had to demonstrate not only medical knowledge, but also empathy and an ability to communicate difficult messages. The team’s task was to take care of the patient after a serious accident and to provide the family with information about grim outlook and raise the subject of donating the patient’s organs for transplant purposes.

In the third task, the team was called to a 6-year-old child injured in a bicycle accident. The team’s task was to properly examine the patient, diagnose head injuries and increasing disturbances of consciousness as well as take care of the patient and its mother present at the scene.

The winning team will represent Medical University of Silesia during the national competition in Gdańsk.



Sum Wars 2018 – finały

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