SUM Wars 2017

SUM WARS 2017 is history now – we know the winners and the team that will represent our University in all-Poland competition – Sim Challenge.
Medical tasks turned out to be extremely interesting and the participants themselves seemed to be very surprised with what awaited them at the scene …  A lot happened !!!
At the “QUEUE” task, the teams were involved in the scenario of the Health Centre where they had to face the hardships of working as a family medicine doctor. The rather calm nature of work in the centre was disturbed by the occurrence of a sudden and unexpected situation! In the waiting room in front of the doctor’s office one of the patients felt weak, lost consciousness and stopped breathing.
In the task entitled mysteriously “007” the teams were successively called to the restaurant with the perversely sounding name “Wolf’s berry”. In the criminal-medical scenario, the teams had to fight with cholinergic syndrome due to poisoning with organophosphates. As it turned out, the poisoning was not accidental – it was an attempt to murder a journalist who came upon traces of the great scandal of smuggling poisonous agents.

In the next medical task students performed at the Hospital Emergency Department. This was where the patient, who was rescued from a burning building, came from. Crushed by the ceiling beam, he suffered extensive burns both to his body as well as to the respiratory tract … Insiders know it from somewhere? – Yes! You know it well – it is the same patient that we could meet in the SUM WARS 2017 qualification task. The entitled “MAKSIU AGAIN” patient went this time to ER where it was necessary to provide further, intensive treatment, consisting in the removing of the airway obstruction by performing a cricothyrotomy.

In addition to medical tasks, participants of the finals could, among other things, test their knowledge by solving a test prepared for them on the e-learning platform.
The relay, on the other hand, had to check correctness of selected medical procedures in the shortest possible time.

Place 1

Barbara Kucharska, Paulina Sobczyk, Katarzyna Rybczyk, Marek Jędrzejek, Jakub Sloka

Place 2

Dawid Marciniak, Tamer Bsoul, Oliver Piotr Firszt, Szymon Goliński, Adrianna Jagosz

Place 3

Radosław Antoniak, Sylwia Brajlich, Sławomir Balcerak, Przemysław Bieniek, Michał Leończyk


SumWars 2017

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